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We are happy to present our new title 1949 EndWar, coming for PC, Consoles, MAC and mobile.


We want to fill a space left by Capcom: create a classic shooter, a spiritual sequel to one of the most popular shotemup of all time: 1942, the saga!



- 8 play areas for more than 50 missions (some custom: as ESCAPE, THE BOMBER and many other),

- 10 mega bosses and huge variety of enemies and attack types,

- 3 different controllable aircraft with 5 different weapons (5 upgrades each) and 3 types of mega bomb and guided missiles.

- over 30 different enemies

- Dialogues between boss and main cast for an original story that combines events.

- Intro in 2d,16bit animated (end 80s) and drawn by hand and many other details!


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